Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are last updated on March 21, 2018

The following terms and conditions (referred to as "conditions”) apply to any use of www.universeofgames.com and all other games, apps, programs, services and tools (collectively referred to as “the media”) powered by or on behalf of Universe of Games. The terms apply regardless of the way you access the "media", eg via computer, tablet, mobile device or other equipment.

General introduction, definitions and conditions


1. Owner information

These terms and conditions is powered by:

Universe of Games
CVR: 35546820
v/ Nikolaj Rimon Eskerod

Kapelvej 49, 3. th., 2200 KĂžbenhavn N
E-mail: support@universeofgames.com 
website: https://www.universeofgames.com  

2. Disclaimer

Universe of Games takes no responsibility for any damage caused by a person’s access to or lack of access to “the media” or as a result of the person trusting and acting in confidence with the information on “the media”.

Universe of Games disclaims any liability for direct, indirect, derivative, incidental, consequential, special or other damages, lost opportunities, lost profits and any other loss or damage. This waiver also includes potential damage or viruses that may affectt the person's computer equipment or other property resulting from access to or use of “the media". 

2.1 Third party

Any links to third party websites are only included as a service for users of “the media”. Universe of Games has no responsibility or control with the content or operation of any third party business, websites and documentation thereof and takes no liability for any damage that may arise in connection with the content or operation thereof.

2.2 Rights

Universe of Games reserves the right to change, modify, replace or delete all or part of “the Media” and may at any time and at its discretion restrict access to or discontinue distribution on “the "Media”.


2.3 Personal data

Processing of personal data is in accordance with the Universe of Games “conditions” and Cookie Rules.


2.4 Jurisdiction

Any disputes relating to or in relation to the “conditions” must, if they cannot be solved amicably between the parties, be settled by City Court in Denmark and / or the Court of Justice in Denmark.

2.5 Applicable law

The “conditions” of use of the "media" is subject to Danish law.

3. Terms of Use

A physical person cannot actively participate in activities of “the media” unless this physical person is created and holds a user profile / account - unless other is stated by Universe of Games. In order for a person to be created as a user and / or a player, the physical person must disclose information required in the profile / account creation process. Universe of Games reserves the right to ask about the following:

  1. Confirmation that the user is 13 years old or more
  2. The user's identity (including name and ID number)
  3. the user's residence
  4. The intended play extent of the user
  5. the user's valid e-mail address.
  6. The user may be asked to display documentation for his or her identity as part of the creation of a user profile / account. Upon acceptance of the present “conditions”, the User of a user profile / account accepts that Universe of Games is entitled to obtain information for verification of the holder’s identity.

3.1 Sworn declaration

When a person / user submits his / her information as part of the creation of a user profile / account, the person hereby also declares by faith and promise that the information provided is accurate and truthful. It may be a criminal offense to provide false information. If the police investigate a matter, the holder of the user profile / account agrees that Universe of Games must provide the police and other authorities the information they need in relation to the case.

A person who creates him or herself a user profile / account declares and guarantee that he / she acts on his or her own behalf. Universe of Games will not accept the creation of user profiles / accounts of people whose Universe of Games becomes aware that the person has not acted on his / her own behalf or has provided incorrect information as he or she created him/herself as a user.


3.2 Creating and using a user profile / account

It is not allowed for any user of “the media” to create more than one user profile / account.

It is also a requirement that users of “the media” comply with the following guidelines:

 3.3 Universe of Games reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and at any time to:

3.4 Inactive user profile / account

An inactive user profile / account is a profile and / or account where no sign-in and / or log-out is registered for a period exceeding 12 consecutive months. In such situation, Universe of Games reserves the right to require that the user profile / account is closed and / or deleted by the holder. Universe of Games reserves the right to close and / or delete the user profile / account if the holder does not respond to any inquiries about this matter.

3.5 Closing of a user profile / account

In case of that a user profile / account closes due to violation of the “conditions”, fraud or other, a person may not create a new user profile / account on any "media" powered by Universe of Games. Universe of Games will not be responsible for a suspended person might have the luck to create a user profile without Universe of Games knowledge and as a result of this, directly or indirectly, injuries or harm others user of “the media”. Universe of Games will at any time be able to close a user profile / account created in violation to the “conditions”.

3.6 Complaints and dispute

In case of a dispute, it is recommended that the holder of a user profile / account submit a written complaint via the email address that the holder of the user profile uses in connection with his / her profile / account. If the complaint is not sent from the respective e-mail address, the complaint will not be processed. The complaint must be sent to Universe of Games (support@universeofgames.com). Universe of Games will handle any complaints as soon as possible and expect the parties to do their best to achieve a peaceful solution within a reasonable time. If the complaint is not resolved within 30 days, Universe of Games will inform the holder of the user profile / account of when a decision can be expected in the case.

Note; The complaint must contain:

The complaint may be rejected if these conditions are not met.

4. Copyright

Universe of Games and all associated "media" are protected by law of copyright. Copying for other than personal use may only be done in agreement with Universe of Games / v Nikolaj Rimon Eskerod:
E-mail: support@universeofgames.com

4.1 Property

The content of “the media” belongs to Universe of Games and is protected by intellectual property laws and copyright laws. Trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, products etc. that form “the media” are immaterially protected and may not be used, distributed, modified or forwarded without prior written consent of Universe of Games.

Any use in violation of this and in violation of the “conditions” may be enforced by Universe of Games and reported to both authorities and police.

5. Contact

All inquiries regarding any material on “the media”, including use of text, image, audio, video or other intellectual property rights, must be directed to Universe of Games: Email: support@universeofgames.com

All rights to content, including photos, comments and other material that a user of “the media” sends to or publishes on any of “the media” is treated as being non-confidential and is transferred from you to Universe of Games at the time of publication and / or the time of receipt.

Universe of Games is hereby granted forever, unlimited, irrevocable, transferable, global and fee-free right and access to use, display, share, sell, publish and transfer the content and material in any way and for any purpose. However, the person's rights to their material are not transferred to Universe of Games and related "media". Universe of Games and “the media” do not have the rights to the material, but have the rights to reproduce and display this material on “the media”.

6. Revision of Terms and Conditions

Universe of Games may revise these “conditions” at any time by updating this document.

Anyone who accesses, visits, or uses “the media” accepts the present rules, terms and “conditions”, and it is therefore recommended that one regularly review the “conditions”.